03 May 2007

Finished with the Right Hand bird!

Yay, I am done with it. That is the section that was giving me so much trouble. It shouldn't take me too much longer to get it finished. I love the Needle Necessities. I think what I find so appealing about them is that you can actually be a little wasteful and it's OK. I needed some purple, and so I just cut into a section of purple. But it wasn't really wasteful because I am using the grey-ey green some other place. But even if I hadn't, it's 20 yards to a skein, this floss, for $3.20. That is 4 times the floss as one of the other brands for less than twice the price. Pretty good I say!

And I found my notebook with all my Prairie Schoolers in it. I had misplaced it, and was starting to get a little bit worried. So I have that back. I want to try to do some of the seasonal Samplers in Vikki Clayton silks. I took them along to CATS to see if we could do a floss toss, but that didn't happen. And I love those charts. But again, they aren't on my 50.

One thing I do like about the 50 is that, unlike a regular rotation, I can work on anything on the 50 list guilt free. I think this works really well for me. And I am impressed that I did 2 projects on the list already! Woo hoo.

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