01 June 2007

It's Summer, fair is getting closer

Today is June 1st. I have taken 8-9 August off to get ready for the county fair. I will win this year. That gives me two months and a week to get everything stitched and framed that I want to enter. Talk about pressure. So far, these are my entries:

  • Houses of Hawks Run Hollow (and if that doesn't win, I will seriously scream--I am still pissed over losing to a stupid beaded Mill Hill pic last year)
  • Sea Life by Lanarte
  • Friends Gather, Hearts Warm by San Man
  • that Halloween pic by Stoney Creek (I don't know if that will win, but it won't win if it isn't entered)
  • Snowman picture by Woodcrafts by Karen (who I still find to be an under-rated designer, because those kits are the best value, you can't TOUCH a frame by anyone else for that amount.)

I am also hoping to get some other stuff finished. I think I have drastically improved my technique from last year to this year, but time will tell. And it does bum me out that Houses didn't do better at Woodlawn, but I take some comfort from the comments that I got. I do have to remember to get it registered for the state fair.

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