25 July 2007

Christmas In July

The local light rock station is playing Christmas music today. Very odd to turn the station on and hear "O Holy Night", while I have the A/C cranked up. It's because it's July 25th. I have to say, I got into it by the time they played "Jingle Bell Rock", and then they had to whip out Neil Diamond's "You Make It Feel like Christmas," which I have never liked. It's very odd. But then again, they were playing it in November the same day I was running on the beach in Ocean City with no shoes on. So I guess I should be used to this.

And I can't criticize, I was stitching a Christmas ornament on Sunday.

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Nancy*Glory Bee said...

Not to sound too Bah Humbug, but Christmas music! Way too early for me. I guess it is only 5 months away.....Nancy

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