17 July 2007

Stepped out of the comfort zone

I think I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was going to think about loading up a bunch of needles with floss and stitch each row across to see if that saved time. Well, last night, in order to avoid the thankless job of peeling potatoes (that doesn't look like it's spelled right, does it?), I tried it. News flash:

For whatever reason, I can not cross stitch with multiple threads attached to needles on my project. It's not happening, it won't work, bless all y'all who can do it, but this chicky can't do it.

Realizing that, at this point, it would be more relaxing to peel potatoes using the very sharp kitchen knives than to continue stitching like that, I stopped and resumed my normal way, but with the realization that half of my anxiety comes from constantly rethreading my needles, I threaded up four needles, parked them in different places on my fabric and I was stitching that way. It works much better than the other way.

I've pretty much given up having a neat back on this piece. No one is going to look at it, and part of me finds that whole, "May I see your backside?"question rude. Don't misunderstand me, my backs are usually very neat, and I will put them up against anyone's, but on a piece like this, it won't be pretty and it doesn't have to be. It makes no difference. I am not doing huge runs across the back, because that drives me absolutely crazy when other people do it, but instead of it being a two stitch gap, I been doing 3 or 4s on this one. I know, SCANDALOUS, but it does make me feel sloppy, LOL.

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