04 July 2007

Happy 4th of July

I don't have a stitching post today, because I haven't really had any stitching time today. Today was my "Ultimate 4th of July" with all the standard things you want on a 4th. I've been up since 5:30 AM. We went blueberry picking. I like picking them. It's easy and there isn't a big potential for staining. You do not have to sit down to do it, like strawberries.

It took us two hours to pick 15 pounds. Which wasn't bad. The weather was nice. There weren't a lot of bees--this is another problem, but it wasn't today. Then we hurried home, I jumped in the shower and then headed down to the beach. I spent a couple hours down there. It was pretty hot. I was trying to read, and kept reading til I got hot, then went and jumped in the water.

There are now tornado warnings going out around the area. Don't know how that will affect everything but not pleasant.

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