24 July 2007

Not much work done last night

I meant to work on my project, but I took the girls to the dog park after work last night. It was Nikki's birthday, and they haven't been in a month or so, so it was nice to get them some exercise. They actually LIKE the dog park now--they didn't like it at first, but, other than Nikki growling at some of the boys who were acting . . . indelicately . . . they had fun. Chancey even managed to roam away from me and actually interact with other dogs! This is a watershed moment in her life, because normally, she is with me. It's very cute to watch them. When they are at home, they are two dogs who have very little in common and they don't interact, but, out at the dogpark, they kept running up to each other with a "hey, I know you! You're my cousin! What is up with the rest of these people?" And, "Have you seen Mummy?" Then Chance would come running back. But the dog park is not conducive to stitching. It's dirty there, and it stunk yesterday (I kept checking myself for pooh, just in case), plus BOTH DOGS kept jumping up on the picnic table. Everyone was very cool about it, wondering why I was freaking out, but it was like, "Well, she was just licking someone's butt, she might have eaten a pooh when my back was turned, but if you don't mind her licking your Slurpee, you are a stronger woman than I!" I know my dogs--they are either just out of trouble, in trouble, or planning trouble. I watch them like hawks.

So I actually sat down to stitch at 9, and still didn't get much done. I decided that my issues seem to with having the skeins not on bobbins. And my floss box is too big, so I reorganized my threads into a smaller box Doris gave me a while ago. I still didn't get a lot done, but I learned, my bedroom has the perfect light to stitch, since I put those Daylight bulbs in the overhead light. I have an idea now to buy me a chair and make a stitching area in my room. But it's still an idea. I don't have room at this point, and I am not sure if i want a chair in my room.

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