18 July 2007

Should I be concerned?

I brought the new box I requisitioned from my mom into the house last night and was putting my WIPs in it, and I found something that shames me. I am apparently obsessed with buying needles. I found at least 4 packages in the WIP envelopes, and then, shame of all shames, I was cleaning out my duffel bag from vacation after that, decided that, since I have this neurotic need to have needles at all times, I should check the side pocket of the suitcase. You guessed it, there was a pack of size 26 needles in there. Those must have been there for a while, though, because I only stitch with 28s. To furthermore show that something is definitely wrong, I was looking for my scissors the other night, poked myself with something in the sofa (fortunately, it was a finger, not a toe, or we would have gone to town), and pulled out a size 28 petite needle.


I think I need to go check the car at lunch. If I have a package in there, I need professional help.

But I don't think anyone needs to worry. I know that in that movie, Mel Gibson was messed up and he was compelled to buy Catcher in the Rye all the time. And I think that guy that shot John Lennon did the same. And of course, having packs and packs of needles is a little wierder than copies of the same book. But then again, I am too loud to be potentially dangerous. I am probably just a little wierd. But then again, I do consider myself Southern, and we are proud of our eccentricities. We parade it on Front Street.

BTW, my system of the four colors is working. I made excellent progress last night while watching 4 hours of CSI on Spike. It made something to look at during the Human Soup episode, cause that was gross. I should be done the stitching on the lower right hand corner by the weekend. Which is not bad, considering I've done probably a third of this project in a month, not too shabby for a Stoney Creek.

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