14 July 2007

I found it!

I found my meow fabric! The fabric I have been questing for for over a month. The fabric that was my El Dorado of stitching! And that same fabric that I was seriously doubting existed. I even mentioned to Mom today that I was starting to think that I had somehow misread Moo as me-ow. This is so cool.

We went to Pennsylvania today to pick up two painted, well, Mom calls them toyboxes, but they're only toyboxes if you put toys in them, correct? One is for her friend, but the other one is for her, well, it was for her, but since she has enough stuff at her house and I need an attractive storage option, I am requistioning it for my room to be an attractive option to store my WIPs. I figure if I put the cats' binky (their no-sew fleece blanket for those unfamiliar with my very own language, Rachel-ese), that will protect the top and not encourage Gus to seek a higher level to lay on (i.e., the dresser), since he is obsessed with fleece (I don't understand it, but my job as a pet parent is to set boundaries, provide guidance, and dispense jummies, not understand him).
That was up in Kutztown, which is somewhere between Lancaster and Allentown.

On the way back, we stopped along 222 at a store called the Quilted Cat, a cool quilt store. They had all kind of cat fabric, including, you guessed it, my meow fabric. I bought a bunch of it because it was 20 percent off. They have a club that will send you 13 fat quarters of fabric 3-4 times a year for $30, not a bad deal. I am asking for that as a Christmas present. I don't think that is unreasonable,

Mom (and this is why I adore her) asked if the woman working knew of a cross stitch store nearby and the woman did. It's Stitch N' Stuff, on Rte 61. I like that store, a lot. It's not huge, but it was nice. And they were polite. I have started to notice as I journey down this path as a cross stitcher, that I get a variety of reactions when I walk in. I HOPE that it's because I look very young, and not because I look poor, but sometimes store owners look at me like they're trying to figure out if I actually stitch or if I am just looking for directions. My LNS used to be kinda like that, but this one wasn't. Maybe I was carrying myself differently today, I don't know--I had a pretty outfit on and I wasn't as down on myself as I had been (amazing what finding the fabric you were convinced you hallucinated will do for the spirit), but it was a good batch of S.E.X. As always, I tried to buy things I don't see at my LNS. We did find my favorite thing to buy at an LNS, GRAB BAGS! We bought two. Got some good fabric, including Heatherfield, and the awesomest, HONEYBEE CREATION BUTTONS! We got probably 6 of them between Mom and I. I love those buttons.

Then we had dinner at a restaurant in Lancaster. It's a restaurant across from Dutch Wonderland, always decent food, not really expensive.

It was a nice day.

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