03 July 2007

Magazine Reviews July 3rd

Would you like to know why I LOVE magazines that come out in the summer?

They are FULL of patriotic designs. And 4th of July, bar none, is my favorite holiday. Far more than Christmas, Halloween, definitely ahead of St. Patrick's Day. Because, let's be honest, what other holiday can you eat a hot dog, go swimming, not have to buy presents or send cards, watch things get blown up, and get a history lesson all in the same day? Even Guy Fawks Day happens in the fall. Maybe it's because I was born in 1976 that I love it so, but I do.

So imagine my absolute DEEE-light that the newest issue of Cross Stitcher is plein de ( full of for my non-French-speaking friends: you can tell I am excited if I lapse into French here) patriotic designs, at least five of them. Even an Ursula Michaels design of patriotic quilts. The only bummer on that one is that it uses Anchor threads, which I will, I guarantee, be missing at least two of. And, before it becomes an issue, I don't convert back and forth between those two. There is also a patriotic floral design by Pam Kellogg (which I have to say looks A LOT like Sue Hillis' summer design, but I mean, really, there isn't a lot of leeway with patriotic flowers and Sue's was in a beach bucket). Also a kinda cool summertime picnic design, as well as a design of TAPS.

Other than that, this is a pretty good issue. Though there is a design that I find pretty messed up. It's a dog house, and you are supposed to stitch names and put the names on the dog house, I guess if you are in trouble? I think that is pretty messed up. Imagine you come home and find your name "in the dog house" when you've had a pretty rough day already? Then you gotta figure out what you did that made some one around the house mad. Though I can see it being applied for the pets. Because, with 6 of them running around, someone is always in trouble. Not to mention, as far as I am aware they can't read and therefore, no need to worry about the inevitable backlash upon finding themselves in trouble.

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