10 July 2007

Perfect Stitching Time

I must, slothfully, yet proudly, admit that I was in my pajamas til 2 this afternoon. If I had not had to go to Lowe's to pay my bill, I would still be in them. But it was worth it.

This has been a very stitching-oriented vacation, in a good way. I have not been to an LNS, even though there is one close. Frankly, we have been too busy making these no-sew cubes. My aunt finished a patriotic one while I was out, and it's STUNNING. She is very talented, but I tell you, it's a job and a half to pick out fabric and trims. You have an idea of what you want, and then half to find what closely approximates your vision. This is not easy. I spent a while looking for, I guess you would call them, sew cubes since we made no-sews. Couldn't find them.

Anyway, in our travels, I introduced my aunt to the beauty of the $1 section at Michael's. They had all manner of western kits by Bucilla, we got 7 of them and she left a couple there. She said she thought of it as little kid stuff, I told her she had been missing out.

She handed me a little Mill Hill kit she's had for a while to do for her. I figure it's a fair trade for helping me. Luckily it's a Halloween kit. I used to do a lot of these Mill Hill kits when I was in high school, I made Mom scads of the little pins my senior year when I was sick so often. I even made all the little bracelets. She has them, they wouldn't fit my fat little wrists now.

I've made good progress on my project. I have a couple more flowers done. I imagine how far I would be if we hadn't been away 13 hours yesterday. I am pondering doing this a little different because its all dusty browns. Maybe doing that thing where you thread up different needles and just stitch with them all at one time. I don't know. I want this done

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