22 July 2007

Ordered some hand-dyed fibers

I got the new Prairie Schoolers in the mail this week, and one of the charts was Cranberry Christmas. I picked this one out because I started a plan last year to stitch 125 ornaments for my Christmas tree. I realize this sounds wacky, but despite being a stitcher for almost 20 years, since I was a wee tiny girl, I have no ornaments for my Christmas tree. I made them, it's just my mother took them, hung them on her various trees and told me I could have them when she dies (do you understand now why I absconded with the painted wooden box last week, which, BTW, is the same size as a 66 gallon plastic tub and therefore it was DESTINY!). So, last year, I decided that I would stitch 125 ornaments for my tree. And these ornaments are easy to do. Three colors.
I decided this morning to use a piece of linen I had (found it yesterday) to stitch the set on. I sat down with my box o specialty floss, and realized that, even though I have the red, I have not the proper green. I have a yellow-green Vicki Clayton, but I do not have a blue-based green, and I am uncomfortable with how they would go together. So what does the modern stitcher do?

I ended up buying the floss for PS Autumn Leaves as well. It's my favorite recent Prairie Schooler. And I do have that tea-dyed fabric I bought for Sandy Orton's Autumn Sampler. So not exactly bad. But I admit, I bought a detritus bag. it's about 25 skeins of left-overs (I think). It was $9. And you know how I love GRAB BAGS.

I do love VC silks. I don't normally stitch with them because I don't stitch a lot that is worthy of the threads. I do have Midsummer Night Designs Monkey Sampler to do with them. I think her designs convert well to VC silks. I did Mistress Prim and Mistress Proper and it was BEAUTIFUL!

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