20 July 2007

S.E.X.less for 7 days

I think this is a record for me for the year. I haven't bought anything frivolous since Saturday. ANYTHING. Not only stitching-wise, but in my regular purchases. I bought Gus a collar on Wednesday, but he's been naked for a couple months, and I can not abide a naked cat. Especially not him, because he has a tiny little head and a very large body, he needs a break point so he flows better. And it was Burberry print, which I thought would go well with his coloring. So my child is cute! But that was a necessary expense, because he really should have a collar in case he gets out. Other than that, nothing.

I have to restart my On the Hunt. I lost the threads and i don't like the colors I chose. I hate doing that, but it's a waste of time to keep working when I don't like it. To paraphrase Martha Beth Lewis, "fabric is cheap and we know where to get more." I just feel bad because Kathy did hers so quick. And I need to do my Halloween ornies for my exchange. I need perforated paper for that, so will have to order some, but that is not the same as all-out S.E.X. I am thinking of looking for some Halloween things for my exchange partner, to make it a nice package. Michael's has some super-cute Halloween decorations--who doesn't need a bottle to keep their heebie jeebies in when they get them, I bought one for my desk at work, just to freak out my co-workers--and I thought I could put some Halloween candy in the box too. Maybe some small cuts of fall fabrics. She is doing a Halloween tree, so it would be good for her. OHHH, I just remember I had bought all those dollar kits from Michael's last fall, I can put some of those in there, because she's making a Halloween tree.

I also put down New Birth of Spring for a day or so. I been working overdrive on that. And I am tired of greens and browns, at least for a day or so. I have picked up a Lanarte kit that I've had as a UFO forever, but that I think would be a nice break. Just for a couple days. I think the next project I work on will have to have some bright colors. I am getting tired of working on soft colors.

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