28 July 2007

Floss Toss and cheap S.E.X.

I decided to do another post to talk about other stuff, so as not to draw attention from my framing finishes.
My Vikki Clayton silks for that Prairie Schooler. The floss toss is to the right. Won't they be fun to work with. I really prefer Autumn stitching to most any other kind except summer. I think it's the colors. They are so beautiful. And these are very rich. I got three other colors, just because they made my heart sing. The others were Lace Agate, Black Iris Bud 'n' Bloom, and Evergreen and Wine. I am now of the opinion that one should listen to their heart reaction, not their mind reaction. And they were too pretty not to purchase.
I went to the LNS to pick up my framing, and I needed some other things. I decided to take a list because I am trying to be conservative with my money. It wasn't a big list: black evenweave to do the French Country Cat on, floss for my Hinzeit lighthouse charts. I thought there was a good color for sand and sky in Needle Necessities to use for my Hinzeit chart, but there wasn't one. Where on Earth did I see that color? I thought about dyeing my own, but realized I just don't have the time right now to play around with dye, at least not til after the fairs are over. So I picked out a blue/green/beige combo. I like it. A lady next to men said it looked like a good beachy color. I also bought supplies to do the Dragon Dreams christmas ornament from the Just Cross Stitch ornament issue from 2006. I wasn't planning on this, but there is a contest at the State Fair for a Christmas ornament, and the prize is $20. That would be a pretty nifty little class to win. And I know how to finish ornaments now. It doesn't look like a hard stitch, she does't even use a lot of metallics So, wish me luck The only things I didn't buy on the list were 3 DMC variations, one of which is for the orange tabby version of Country French Cat, and since I had a brainstorm on the way to work, I also picked out a silvery-grey floss. We have a tradition in our family that when a pet dies, we buy an ornament and hang it on the Christmas tree in memory of them. I thought that that would be a good ornament to remember Grampy. And I bought perforated paper for my Halloween ornaments. So nothing was unneeded. And all this was $25. I have never spent that little amount at Stitching Post. So I am really proud!

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