27 July 2007

No update pic for this week

I have made a decision I won't post a pic of M'deer this week. I've been working on him hard pretty much when I can, but there's still not a definitive shape to the lower left corner, so it's hard to see that there's real progress. But I am going to take a break this weekend and do some quickie things, just to get the thrill of a finish.

I found my copy of Country French Cat last week, so now he's in a safe place. And last night, while I was laying in bed, decelerating from the day, I pulled out the bag of floss I was keeping to do the Ronnie Rowe design that reminds me of Gus. I had pulled Weeks Dye Works Amber to do him in, because it is a very Gus sort of color, especially on the linen I chose, but I thought I could take a little of that and do the Country French Cat on black. Since I bought all that cat fabric the other week, I could have that done as a wallhanging, especially because the fabrics I chose have a toile-y kind of feel. So I may work on that this weekend, particularly if I don't have my order from Vikki Clayton. If I do, I may finish that one ornament.

I also, even though it's not on the 50, may work on a Hinzeit chart I bought in Ocean City with John. I misplaced it shortly after I got home, and just found it in a bag with a totally random chart. It's a charmed block design called Lighthouses. I don't like the colors that they chose, but I have a Needle Necessities that is in shades of beige and sky blue, rather like sand and sky, that would work, perhaps on cream. I am stoked to find this chart, even though I bought it because I thought it would make a nice gift for my ex, and he dumped me not that long after we got back. But at the same time, it would be killer in my livingroom, and it adds to the nautical theme. And it's something I like, it would be much worse if it was something I don't like to stitch and wouldn't stitch for myself. But at least I found it. It was a $16 chart, and I try to not misplace those. And I can stitch it in a way that I want to stitch it, and not have to worry that it won't be appreciated. I intend to go to the beach on Sunday and that might be a good project to take along, because I intend to park my fat self under a tree in my chair and stay as long as the weather holds out.

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