03 July 2007

This one's for you, Bee

Today's post is dedicated to Brea, who has managed to survive, not only a week in the woods, but the drive there, and a truckstop bathroom. All this without medical issue, mosquito bite, discord, or international incident. All in all, a good camping trip, Bee!

I have something to admit. "I am going on the wagon" is apparently some internal code I have for, "I am going to the LNS, but don't want to admit it, and I will spend scads of money." I went to Stitching Post on Sunday. I am staying out of that dam store. I spent a lot of money, but I bought the rest of the charts for the Lizzie Kate Flip-It stamps from 2005. I found the first 5 of those and the 2004 set in a bag in my stash boxes in the basement the other day. And I got two cute charts from My Mark that are perfectly patriotic. And a couple other ones. Plus I signed up for the bellpull club they have--I kept seeing stuff I liked, and bought some threads, plus the graph of the month kit. THIS HAS GOT TO STOP. But now I have the stamps, and we found the frame for Forest Snowfall, which will go in a week from now. But I saw there's a new club called Meowy Time, which is a black cat, from Homespun Elegance. The gods conspire against me . . .

But I did make some major progress on the deer. He is pretty much finished now. I worked on him while I was taking tickets at the picnic and did well. I now have all the brush around him to do. Which I am not looking forward to, but it has to be. And there are flowers interspersed, too, to break the monotony. Then it's just the bunny side to do and it's done. And it really is NOT a bad stitch. Certainly not the monstrosity it had become in my mind. I also worked on the Lizzie Kate Flip-Its. I was going to make a table topper out of them, but I realized they aren't facing in the right direction, so going to make a wall hanging. I will do the table topper with the 2005 stamps. That makes more sense. I do have to say, though, Bent Creek does a better conversion from overdyeds to DMC. I love their conversions. Sorta working this one out in my head.

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