16 April 2008

A Bonanza Day at the Bookstore-magazine reviews

It's spring, people, and time to review the latest mag offerings. We have a good selection this month, based on the covers.

Cross Country Stitching, June 2008

I normally do not buy this magazine. I need to stop saying this, but I don't. This one had animals in it, so it was a must-buy. And it didn't hurt that I am on a primitive kick.

I think my favorite design is the Country Sampler. It's an alphabet one. Pretty simple, fairly easy to do. There is also a little scotty dog and cat sampler. I am always happy with Scotties, because, lop off their tails, refine the face a little, bring up the body, and you have a Schipperke. And we all know how I love my Schipperkes. And there's an Airedale terrier sampler. It's pretty cute, even if you don't have an Airedale. The design for the Folk Art Mirror would make a cute pinkeep (I don't know why, but I am suddenly obsessed with pinkeeps).

There isn't much to criticize in this issue, other than the fact that all their designs look just like every other magazine. I am not big on the Lovebirds Anniversary Sampler. The birds look a little wierd, and I can't think of anyone I know who would appreciate having a sampler with a pair of fuzzy-headed birds on it that look like they ran into each other.

One question I need to ask: who stitches Jeremiah Junction designs anymore? Not the ones that are interesting, but her standards: quilts and angels and primitive samplers. Someone has to be stitching it or else the magazine wouldn't be in print anymore, right? I just want to know who.

Cross Stitch Gold, June 2008, Issue 6

OK, first of all, I hadn't noticed they redid their numbering. Wierd . . .

My Barnes and Noble appears to have not gotten an issue of this one, but this is a really nice issue. There is a lovely design by Carol Thornton, who, with Sandy Littlejohns, is my favorite UK designer. I love the shading on her charts and the way they are so modern and rich. This doesn't change with this design, a pattern of flowers along with a small inset of a bird in a nest. And it's in DMC, which is unusual for her, but appreciated. Next up is a design of teddy bears by Leslie Teare, not my favorite--they look a little too much like Joan Elliott bears for me--but they would be great for a pillow. Also, we have a gorgeous heron design, very pretty and it would go in my sewing room, because there are lots of herons in the marshes of the Eastern Shore. I also found a Lucie Heaton design I really like. It's an alphabet afghan, but I can see taking the blocks and making an alphabet book for a baby.

I just wanted to make special note of this:

I do not think one would have ot be a child to think this cat is cute. It would be a fun and funky, "I am so glad we are friends" gift, with maybe a little trinket in the tote bag. Heck, I would just buy it to keep around the house..

Continuing . . .

There is a design of a flower seller. I am not sure I like her white-haired, but it's still a very stitchable design.

I think the sweetest, most competition friendly design in this issue is Susan Bates' Pecking Order. It's similar to Marjolein Bastin's design of the same name, and therefore will probably get the designer in trouble, but it's pretty And not a complicated stitch. It's little birds in a bird feeder, very sweet. It would be nice on a hand-dyed.

There is also a design of my kitchen. I wouldn't put cross stitch in my kitchen, just because it could cause an issue with steam, but it would be cute to put on the cover of a binder you kept recipes in. Lastly there is a section of little houses. Where were these when I was doing my Neighborhood RR a few years ago? That was hard. I could have used these. There is also a little section about Marilyn Leavitt-Inblum. Nice.

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Pumpkin said...

I'm patiently waiting for that CCS magazine. I was looking forward to the dogs too :o)

I still stitch their patterns but not a lot of them. I've only done two big ones so far. I have their snowmen ready to go whenever I get another life tacked on to this one ;o)

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