23 April 2008

Going to a stitching retreat

I am going to a get-together at Sue Hillis' in one month. Other than CATS, I've never been to a get together. And Sue is SOOO nice. I met her in 2005; we discovered we have a mutual passion for men who drive big trucks, LOL. And really, to get time to stitch that no one infringes on with requests to, "Tell me what this random piece of paper regarding something urgent about our retirement, stock, or something equally important, but that I lost page 2 to, that your Theatre degree renders you woefully unprepared to decipher means" or "Please tell me why the cat is limping even though he was totally fine when you left this morning, you've been at work all day, and you don't speak cat" that, my friends, is GOLDEN.

I wish I could go to more stitching retreats. I wonder how one finds a list. You hear good and bad, some people have bad ones. I never go to the one my LNS has; they used to go to Ocean City, to that AWESOME LNS down there, but I haven't seen anything lately. I guess I could get SO to go to a retreat there. He could go hang out on the boardwalk while I stitch. Or go to Hooters (he tried to tell me Hooters has the best wings ever, I do not agree). We could make it work.

Otherwise, it's gonna have to be a cruise. Which I can also see him going on, there is not that much stitching going on from what I heard, and we wouldn't have to be together all the time. He could go play poker in the casino. It's not like I would be sitting on the deck, stitching all day, I don't do that on vacation, especially not leaving the US--I might never get back to wherever we are, so I never want to waste the opportunity.


Lee said...

GOOD FOR YOU! Stitching retreats are wonderful and I hope you have a great time.

Lots of online shops host them and get stitchers who live all over the country. If you keep reading blogs, you'll see posts and reviews about this or that shop's retreat.

There are some very good retreats out there, with very loyal followings. Be sure to tell us all about yours!

Jennifer said...

Are you talking about Salty Yarns on the Boardwalk? If you're in the area, check out Sea Needles in Bethany Beach as well. It's terribly crowded but they do have a lot of good charts (and a ton of knitting stuff too).

Hooters has TERRIBLE wings. Their food, in general, isn't good, but if you're using Hooters as your gold standard for wings, well.... that's just wrong. See if you can get him to try Buffalo Wild Wings. They're still not the best, but they're better than hooters and will do in a pinch.

~Julie~ said...

Oh Rachel! How fun!! I hope you have a marvelous time at Sue's with her and all the gals. I wish I lived closer! =)

I'm still laughing my bohonkus off at your SO's "Hooters has the best hot wings" sentiment.

I've never been to Hooters and I pray I never will. LOL


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