22 April 2008

A new layout for a new season

I felt green and springy--the new baby brought it out in me, I think. So I changed the template for this, at least for right now.

Plugging away at Autumn Secrets right now. It's gonna be done, hopefully tonight or tomorrow. I had a bit of a sidetrack last night, had to go out to my mom's to move 15 bags of mulch onto the driveway because the delivery people thought it would be a lark to drop them in the middle of her yard. I do not get this logic, as they are supposed to be lawn and garden experts and yet, could not figure out that no one, particularly not my 70-year-old mother, can possibly spread 15 bags of mulch throughout her flower beds before the bags lying on the grass begin to kill it. So I had to go out there and haul them out of the yard. That was a lot of fun--it rained for two days and the wind blew a bunch of petals off her ornamental crab apple tree and they STUCK to the bags. So my fairly new khakis, and then my hands and the car seat had a lovely combination of mulch and petals stuck on them. But whatcha gonna do. Can't have a big ol' bare spot.

I think I am going to wait til payday to start finishing things. I had to take off from my part time job next weekend because my parents are going to Pennsylvania and there is no one to babysit the Mongrel Horde, so I think I may roll up to the quilt shop next to my LNS and get some fabric for my finishing. I think I can get some pretty good progress made. Autumn Secrets is going to be a no-sew cube. I decided that. It will be cute just like that. I kinda wish I had some of the fabric left over from doing Country French Pumpkin as a no-sew, but I think Aunt Susan has that, and well, with the new little one, she's gonna be busy.

Ohhh, the little one has a name. She is April's Calamity (at least I was told that is her name), but they are going to call her April. Is it just me or in that picture, does it look like she's thinking, "Whoa?" I guess those legs take some getting used to.


Pumpkin said...

Definitely looks springy here now :o)

Now that was a rotten thing for them to do to your mother :o( Glad you are close enough to help!

~Julie~ said...

I happen to REALLY like the new layout, I think it suits both the season and you! =) It is cheery!

It was so very nice of you to help your mother! I'm sure she was touched!

I hope you got the petals-n-mulch out of your new khakis!! =)


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