06 April 2008

OK, raise your hands-don't be shy

Who wants to stitch some monkeys over one on 28 count black Monaco for me? Come on, I see you there in the back. Stop hiding behind your fellow readers. Don't hold back. Did I mention they are dark brown monkeys? Oh, what do you mean, you have a biscornu to stitch? This is a work of art, people! Well phooey . . .

Obviously, I am still hard at work on the Monkey Sampler. I got a wild hair yesterday and decided I would work on the two creeping monkeys. They are over one. (oh, yeah, I just wrote they were, d'oh) It's going OK. I wish the directions were a little more clear on this one on how to place them. Especially because not only are there two monkeys, there is an owl and the saying to put in over one. But it's still fun to stitch.

I had really good light to work in yesterday. SO has a skylight in his livingroom, and on cloudy days, it's the most perfect stitching space ever. The light that comes in is really nice on those days and you can really see the individual threads better.

I don't think this should take too long to get done.

I am starting to get advancement on the computer situation. I took our Dell in to the office to have the IT guy see what he can do with it. Hopefully, it can be salvaged, otherwise it's a new computer and scrambling for time on borrowed PCs to upload photos. Which stinks.


Itching To Stitch said...

Oh, I didn't realize those monkeys were over one. Sorry I can't take them off your hands, but I'm having a hard enough time with my own 1/1 stuff ;)

LoriRay said...

Over one AND on black? :-O Have you lost your mind?

I would love to volunteer and take it off your hands. Yeah, sure...I'll stitch it for you. Oh darn it, I just remembered I have an obligation of some kind that won't allow me to stitch it for you. Oh well, I tried.


Hope your computer problems are worked out quickly and that it's a cheap repair.

~*~Julie~*~ said...

Oooooooooohh!!! Actually I love stitching on black fabric, and I'm *starting* to really enjoy over 1 as well--you lucky ducky, you!! I bet they're adorable. How about you show us a pic, eh? :D


Pumpkin said...

I just about a piece of 28 count Lugana for a project but over one on black? NO THANK YOU! LOL!

I hope you get your computer woes settled soon. It's hard to find a good computer technician around here.

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