28 April 2008

Rainy day, perfect for stitching . . .

but I am at work. I did not want to come in. I have still not recovered from the vet visit of Saturday night (but I did sleep last night good, just woke up at 4AM to check on my boy--he was mad at having to be kennelled up away from me, but he seems to be doing better), and didn't each much yesterday (note to self: you have to eat more than barbeque, angel food cake and pita chips, cause it doesn't do the dog much good to get better if you're malnourished, LOL), but I bought a new mattress pad for my bed which has done wonders for how I am sleeping and Robbie does seem to be feeling a little better. Poor guy has been through so much in the past seven days, last night he was lying on my lap, crying, and of course that upset me, and now, today, he drank water for me out of the mug from that cruddy job I had. Mom didn't fuss about me using a coffee mug to water the dogs; I guess she knows how I feel about that particular company, even though, really, my dogs are too good to drink out of their crappy mug. Chancey was particularly confused as to why her brother got to drink out of a coffee mug, while she usually has to drink out of the bowl. So she tried the water and decided it was good enough for her to drink too. Robbie shared with her; I was surprised because he had his possessive face on (can a dog really be that sick if he is about to start a fight he will NOT win over TAP WATER?), but he did. But he didn't really want me to go to work this morning and leave him. He stood in front of the door and whined. I couldn't figure out if he had to go potty or wanted to go with me. I decided that it was the latter, prayed it wasn't the former, told Mom to watch him, and left.

Anyway, Julie told me that I have to have a border on my biscornu, so I'll be working on that! I really should stop by the fabric store and get my stitching supplies tonight to do that, but I think I better get home and take care of Robbie. I can do the supply-buying later this week, I'll be busy for the next couple days anyway, so it's not pressing.

I did go get some supplies I needed for SamSarah's I Could be A Prince. I started it this morning. I love it. I am super-pleased with the Silkweaver Solo of Tula I bought. It's a lovely blue-y green-y and yellow hand-dyed. Looks just like a sun dappled pond. There's even a section down towards the bottom that looks like a sandy bottom. The only thing I think is throwing me a little is that my skein of Abalone is a paler green/purple combo (you know, these colors do not sound remotely pretty when I describe them, I just realized) than in the picture. I will see if my other LNS has a better option, but, if not, I'll deal with it. It does work with the fabric. I think that is the most important thing.

I also took a little bit of a plunge and bought the floss to stitch a sampler by Saundra White, with I Done My Best. I bought a bunch of her charts on Ebay a couple years ago and never started them. They are are really pretty. Not cross stitch, but primitive stitchery, which I think I will enjoy. It doesn't appear she is in business anymore, which is bad, because she did such cute charts. But I want to do some.

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~Julie~ said...

Hi Rachel!I had to giggle reading about Chancey & Robbie's experience with the ex-company mug. lol I'm glad Robbie shared (as if there was a choice in the matter??) =) Although, I must say, I'm sorry your experience with "said company" was a bad one...and I hope you're happy where you are at now!

Sounds like Robbie is getting better!! I'm so glad to hear that. I hope tomorrow is full of even more good news about his health. I hate to ask, as I know it is rather "ick", but how were his...errrr..."doo-doos" today? Better than before I pray!!

Take care and enjoy your stitchy-time!!


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