01 April 2008

In case you need a reason to eat popcorn . . .

Fisher's popcorn is pretty popular if you know someone going to Ocean City, Maryland. I didn't know about it--we went to Virginia Beach when I was growing up, so we did not know about this "downy ocean, hon" treat. They are right down the boardwalk from a killer little LNS (imagine an LNS right on the boardwalk) and their other location is across the street from an LNS in Fenwick Island. The popcorn is yummy, even better when you visit in late fall on a chilly day and it's still warm, and you can sit on the boardwalk and eat it. Chancey is not a fan of it, but Nikki likes it and I assume Robbie will, when he gets a chance to eat it, LOL.

Anyway, you're asking, why is she talking about popcorn on a cross stitch blog? Because they have the best tins to use to store WIPS or floss. I have three. Two of the small, one which got used to store cookies in it, the other has my white floss for Hummingbird Trellis, and the big one is for one of my caches of unsorted floss. They're very beautiful tins. I can sit the big one out in the livingroom and no one would know it holds stash. Anyway, I thought I would share. but if you are ever up for a ride down to our Eastern Shore, they're a good stop on the way to the LNS.


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Pumpkin said...

Now that's a neat idea! Plus you get to eat the contents beforehand ;o)

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