27 April 2008

I finally used the floss I dyed

It was a hard decision for me to let go of the floss I hand-dyed at CATS in 2006, but I finally did it. Friday was Doodle Day at the Sanman Originals message board, and I liked the doodles so much, I wanted to stitch one. So I decided to make a biscornu and figured, really what was I holding all that floss in reserve for? So I picked out one of the Sanmans I liked, chose a really pretty color I had made with plum and navy on a beige-y grey base, and got to stitching.

It's gorgeous. I am really getting tired of the no-camera situation, because I am really proud of that floss and I want to show it off. It doesn't look like something I dyed; it looks like a professional dyer did it, if I do say so myself. I did have an expert teacher, though, so it's no wonder. And the best part is, the threads are COLORFAST. The dye was steamset, and then we rinsed them when we got back to the room, and so they are set. Now, all I have to do is press it, and then put it together. I don't know if I am supposed to stitch a border, but I am gonna let it go on this one. After all, if it took me 18 months to find something to stitch with it, it's pretty precious stuff.

Of course, now that I've used some of it, I have to dye more, LOL. I am trying to figure out a decent way to set it up to do this. Somehow I am not sure the set up around the dining room table will work well.


Scotstitcher said...

Love reading your blog Rachel. Hope you get your camera situation sorted soon, can;t wait to see pictures of your thread and biscournu.


~Julie~ said...

Heyyy Rachel!! =) I am also tired of your no-camera situation. LOL! I want to see pictures of your finishes and WIPs again!!!

You said something about a border on a biscornu? I *think* you have to have the backstitched border because that is what you need to whip-stitch around the entire biscornu to put it together. Here is the tutorial I used:

Anyway---I want to see yours! I'm sure it is absolutely gorgeous with the hand-dyed flossies! =)


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