03 June 2007

2 Hours in the LNS today

Talk about "where did the time go?" . We had to go pick up my framed pieces, and Mom took some things that she bought to be framed. It took forever to get the frames picked out for her stuff. The lady kept disputing my thoughts on how things should be. I wanted to pick a black frame with a pattern on it. BECAUSE, as a person whose background is Pennsylvania Dutch, I know that we aren't as stodgy as people percieve us. And she couldn't get it. We finally chose a black frame with some carving on it and rubbed with red, to pick up the color on the piece.

I didn't buy much. I still managed to spend money, but I didn't spend much. I bought two grab bags at $5 a piece, two pieces of fabric for The Perfect Man. I forgot what size I needed, but knew I needed opalescent. I also bought the newest copy of At Home With Needlework, and the little monthly kit they do up and Bitty Buttons Sheep.

Then, because the quilt shop was on the way to the LNS, and they had pretty summer fabric, we picked out two pieces with tomatos on it to make bandannas for the dogs. I thought that would be cute. Nikki will have blue with tomatoes, Chancey will have yellow. Nothing says summer like tomatos

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