25 June 2007

Finally getting a wrangle on the UFOs

I have decided to address my serial WIP/UFO problem. I went down in the basement and pulled ALL the WIPS and UFOs that I could find to put in the giant box o'UFOs (AKA Area 51), so I have them in one place. It's a little embarrassing. I kept pulling stuff out and going, "Oh, this is SOOO cute, I should work on this." I have the 2004 Lizzie Kate Flip-Its started as the centerpiece for a tabletopper. I threw in the towel early on that one apparently, because I have half of one square done. That should really find it's way into the rotation soon, cause it is really cute. I may play with it a little because I am not too keen on the way that the DMC conversion turned out. If I ever become a designer, I am going to be really watchful on my conversions if I use hand-dyeds. The ones that contrast high with hand-dyeds don't always contrast in DMC. So that is on the list. And then I have a couple that I barely started that are in there, a couple I didn't even start, just separated the floss. Looking at this, and what's in my other box of stuff I started, I have enough things to work on for a couple years. I joke about I plan to become a hermit in a shack on the beach, and I will need stash to occupy my quiet time, but I am starting to wonder if part of me took that goal seriously.

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