10 June 2007

Frogging on a Hearthside afghan.

I had to frog out square 9 on this afghan today. I can not believe I was so stupid that I miscounted. I had a lot of work in on that thing. I am so peeved with myself. This is what happens when I do not count and recount and recount. I know why it happened, I had it stored for so long , that the running stitches got kinda mashed down over the thread, so I didn't see it. But why would they make the pattern so that it was running right up against the edge. It's confusing, well, I was confused. But then again, i confuse so easily. I am doing Nature's Home on aida. This way it won't happen and I can make it into a quilt.

I went fabric shopping yesterday and today at Walmart. I sincerely hope they do not get rid of all our Walmart craft department. Because, for less than $30, I got some awesome fabric. I have to send Mom back, because while I was in yesterday, I had some great fabric with Meow on it, that I can just see on a cube, tea-stained, but my stomach started acting up (BTW, just so it's out there, 90% of people who have had their gallbladders out experience issues, so if you need the surgery, and the doctor feeds you that line of business about your troubles are over, think of me, sick, in Walmart, passing up the Meow fabric, LOL) But I got some cute puppy fabric, and some fabric with bees. Lots of nautical fabric. I even bought some flannel with cats on it. That was $1 for the whole yard. I know, most people don't use flannel for their cross stitch projects, but it had cats on it. I am sure I would have better luck finding more precise fabric at the quilt store, but it was good to get so much usable stuff for so cheap.

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