10 June 2007

Started fixing the problems with that square.

It is amazing the amount of energy that one has after falling asleep in the bathtub (I know, dangerous), then sleeping a couple hours on the sofa. I have been working on that square for a while this evening and have made some good progress, though right now, it's a lot of green. And I realized that I am missing one of the colors I need for this square. 3045. Again, a bazillion colors but not the one I need. So I guess this week, I am off to Michaels for more. I REALLY need to get my floss organized. This would not happen if I had a better organization. However, I was missing another color, and found it in the leftovers from Kitty Dreams. Anyway, it's close on to midnight, and I am wired. Pretty good for a woman who cheated death this afternoon, LOL.

I also did work on Forest Snowfall. Not much to talk about there. It's pretty straight-forward, just a lot of stitching. I am hoping that I get it done in time to get it framed for the fair. I had thought it would be done sooner, but I wasn't working on it during lunch this week, and then I was trying to finish other stuff. So it should be done this week.

I am asking Joanne from 123 to get the frames for The Perfect Man and A Cat's A Cat. I won't have them ready for the fair this year, but that is OK.

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