24 June 2007

Weekend recap

Sorry to have not posted all weekend, but it's been really stressful. We had to go to Pennsylvania to attend my cousin's funeral. She was 26 years old and killed herself on Wednesday. We don't know exactly what happened. She had been bi-polar for years, but apparently she was being stalked by a man she had dated, and when she couldn't get away, she took her own life. I am so torn up over this. I didn't know her because our mothers were at odds for a long time, but she seems like someone I would have liked to have known. And it's not right that she's not here anymore. It was a nice funeral though. They played music that she had liked. And they offered the opportunity to share memories of her. I think that would be really good for a funeral. It really was a celebration of her life, and not a remebrance of her death. And that is how it should be.

We did manage to get 5 of my finished pieces to the framer yesterday. We had to do a flying run home to get there before the shop closed, but we made it. They are charging $300 for all five pieces, which I think is really reasonable. The one moulding I chose was $12 a foot, but the others were cheaper. I did have a little bit of a problem explaining how I wanted Chincoteagues framed. They kept wanting to do dark, formal frames. Which is WONDERFUL if it's a formal horse portrait, but I had to explain these are wild ponies and being framed formally with mats, glass and a very formal frame isn't what I wanted for them. I ended up with one that's a frame with hints of golds and browns, and looks like a shell or a bone, which I like. we got a nice black frame with beading for Gramma's picture, a rustic blue for LHN America (they had framed that one several times, so I trust them) and then a small patriotic finish got a cool greeny-greyey blue frame that matches the floss I used. And Mom picked up her stuff that she'd had framed. I am happy with how the one that we bickered over the frame turned out. I was right. Mom was really pleased. Things like these justify all that money they paid out for my fine arts degree.

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