14 June 2007

Got Newest Issue of Cross Stitch Collection today

I have been at work since 7AM today, so decided at lunch that it was the day to get my new magazines. They only had one at Barnes and Noble, so I headed up there. All in all, not a bad issue. There's a pretty peacock chart in there. I think I am going to stitch me a peacock one of these days, when I get all these other projects out of the way. Hah, like that will happen. There is also a really nice medieval lady in there. As much as I do not like to stitch people, she is really pretty. I might could be persuaded to stitch her. But what made it worth the money was the All Our Yesterdays design. I haven't liked a lot of her new stuff--I have to be honest about this, they got darker in color and aren't as innocent looking (I don't know if I am explaining that correctly, but it always looks like it's going to rain in the pictures) as they used to be. Fortunately, I stocked up in the days when the dollar was strong against the pound, so I have some older kits in my stash. Anyway, there are a couple new kits that I like. Well, chartpacks, I guess. And they are releasing a book of 40 designs in October, just in time for my birthday They look to be older. That is OK. I am hoping they have "Class on The Beach" in that book. That is the one design I have never been able to track down. I can put some of the designs in the livingroom when it's finished being re-decorated, because I realized that "beach" according to cross stitch designs, as well as in interior design, means lighthouses or tropical, and these are not really my design inspiration. I have a couple lighthouses that I bought, but I don't want to go crazy with them (the ex liked lighthouses), and I really do not find the tropical theme to be relaxing, soothing, or appropriate for our house, which is really a cottage. I've been trying to find seaside designs that aren't typical, boats, harbor scenes, things like that. Hard to find, though I did locate a chart for a crab that I am going to adapt for a design I have in my head.

I worked on Hummingbird Trellis last night for a while. I am starting to make good progress. I have to go to the laundromat tonight because our washing machine broke last week and the guy won't come til tomorrow, so I have to do laundry (cause I know we'll need a new washer, you just watch), and I won't take that afghan along to the laundromat, so going to take Moms Wee Flowers to work on. Hopefully, I can finish it tonight, then finish Forest Snowfall this weekend. That's the plan at least. And then Mom can take it with the frame over to get framed.

I am also taking Iris and Friends over for framing soon. I don't have hopes that that will win at the fair, but I can take it. It's well-executed, if I say so myself. I just hope I can find a frame. I want a black frame for it. My ideal is a black frame with some carving on it, maybe in a braid pattern. That would make the frame simple at first glance, and then interesting up close. I suspect, though, someone might try to talk me out of it, though. Well, gotta get it taken over first.

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