14 June 2007

A Place Where you Can Not Cross Stitch

Well, I mean you can, but from my experience tonight, it's not a good idea. You can not stitch at the laundromat. Not cause it's dirty, not cause people will stare at you. But, because you never realize just how short 10 minutes is til you have a bunch of clothes you are watching in the dryer while trying to stitch with over-dyeds.

Anyway I have clean clothes, and I got some work done. That laundromat really got my clothes clean. AND they will actually do your laundry for you. This could totally FRIGGING change my laundry habits. I mean, not my underwear, but think about it, drop the clothes off before work, pick them up after, pay the 85 cents a pound, and we're good. No watching the clothes. More time for stitching!

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