08 June 2007

I am going to answer a SBQ

OK, I have never answered one of these before, mainly because I never know where to find them to answer. The first question I will answer is:

What has been your most challenging project and why?

When it comes to physically difficult, the most challenging is Hummingbird Trellis. Lots of confetti stitching. It is not something that is in my comfort zone. I do not like leaving my comfort zone that much with my stitching. But, at the same time, I wonder how much of it is also mental, because Stoney Creek is one of those things you either love or run screaming from, and it's not that they're challenging. They are STILL little x's, just in lots more colors. But I did one when I was 20, and unemployed for the summer, and it was no big deal. Maybe because I didn't know I was supposed to be intimidated. It was just something to be done. Now it scares me. Does anyone else think like that

The most mentally challenging project was two of them. The first was HOHRH, because I set a goal and had to push myself to meet it. It was a large project, but I was working on it when the accident occurred and the last thing I wanted to work on was that one. So I put it down, started New Birth of Spring, worked on that for a while when the worst of the aftermath was occurring (and I haven't worked on it since), and picked it up when I felt like dealing. And the other one was Diane Graebner's Iris and Friends, just because that was Gramma's memorial piece. I could hear her from the day I brought it home, even though she hated "criss cross" she said, "That's me and my Lily." I had to admit she was gone, and I would never have days like we had together, so many memories tied up in a little piece, of Lily when she was a kitten and planting iris with her and just spending time with someone who would have fought the world for me, and for whom I would have done the same. And how I wish that I could have shown it to her when she was alive.

This is why I don't answer these. They make me think too much.

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