12 June 2007

not much stitching done last night

I finally brought in all the grab bags I bought last week at Stitching Post. I had gotten a bunch of DMC floss in the bags and I wanted to wind it on bobbins. I have GOT to get my stash organized, cause I just can not afford to keep buying DMC. I guess they were clearing out the supplies they had given to model stitchers, because they weren't full skeins, so it didn't take that long. I just watched Antiques Roadshow and wound.

I did realize I had to frog out some of Forest Snowfall. So I fixed that while watching Dateline reruns. My brother came in, I guess somehow Nikki broke his hand while she was cursing out the neighbors German Shepherds on Sunday. Luke can't understand why she hates those dogs, I told him it must be because she was unfortunately incarcerated in her early youth--i.e., she was in the pound--and those are the popo dogs. Anyway, so we were discussing that while watching the show. Do not get me started on those To Catch a Predator shows. Those are some stupid men. And I love how the men always say they are law-abiding citizens. I can not resist the urge to yell, "What about the ones that say don't have sex with little kids." Gaaah. But at least I had something pretty to focus on.

I also tracked down the pattern I have that we bought one of those custom frames for Hinzeit charts. It's Nesting Place. Really pretty design. I have to get it started because we are going to rack up that frame waiting to get it stitched. I guess this will supercede the 50 list. But that is OK. After all, there are no 50 police.

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