03 June 2007

Kitty Dreams is FINISHED

Finally! I got him done last night at 10:30. I still have to wash him and add the charm, but the stitching is done, and it really only took about 2 weeks once I got down to it. I am so glad he is done.

I already took the floss out of the travel case and put the next project inthere. I think the carrier is the best for the huge Mary Hickmott Nativity I kitted up back in February. I just have to get more Stitchbows and a couple more pages for the binder because there are a LOT OF COLORS for this project. But it would be another project on the level of HOHRH, and there aren't any fractionals.

Because I have been working so hard, I decided to take today off and not stitch. I really have been stitching too much lately. I know, how can I say that, but I have. So I thought if I took one day off, it wouldn't kill me. But don't fear, I do have to go to the LNS this afternoon and pick up my things I had framed.

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