05 June 2007

I have come to a decision

Based on the fact that I seem to be using a great deal of my discretionary income on buying stash, and the fact that I have so much stash that I spent an hour on Saturday looking for a chart, I am going on the wagon. I don't know how long it is going to last, but I think to myself, you know, you could get out of a lot of credit card debt if you just stopped buying new charts and did some of the stuff you have in your stash. Even for a year, doing just charts from the stash, I could save so much money. And it's not like when I go to the store, I seem to be buying a lot of charts lately. Working on the 50 has had that effect on me. I was looking at stuff the other day, like, "Ohhh, I forgot I had th-h-h-i-s!. How yummy." Stash diving is like that for me. Not to mention, I could use the shopping time to organize stuff. I told the lady at the Stitching Post, I stopped buying buttons until I was working on the project that called for them because I keep losing the damn things. Nothing quite so sickening as finding a random reindeer button, knowing it cost $2, and not knowing what I bought it for.

So I am going to try. I may be miserable, I may be crabby, but, then again, I will have less stash to wade through with a guilty conscience.

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LoriRay said...

LOL - I'm the same way. Sad, but true. ;-) I went on the wagon for a few months until I got weak again but I did save a fortune. Time for me to go on the wagon again, too. Good luck!

LoriRay :)

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