11 June 2007

Thank goodness for Stoney Creek

This morning I got to pondering my dilemma with the 3045. I did not want to go to Michaels. I have no cash til Thursday. I mean, I probably do, but that would entail finding change, and I have too much to do to be digging for change, when I KNOW I had that color somewhere in my stuff. The funny thing is, back in college, I would have written a check for 66 cents with no thought. So I got to digging through the kitted up stuff, and I found that color.

Now, what I find astounding is, I have a saying about Stoney Creek. I swear there is a rule that we just don't know about that states that every Stoney Creek design must use 3362, 3363,3364, 3346-48, 433-437, and 738-739. If you think I am exaggerating, take a look at the Stoney Creeks you have in your stash. Anyway, so I got to thinking, and I realized I remember seeing that color in another design, but ran across a design from last year that I found 745 in last week when I was looking. Apparently, I had the good fortune of kitting up the LNS of Stoney Creek designs, because I found both colors I needed in there. Of course, I have to restock that design, but I will do that when I have enough floss needs to justify going to Michael's. At least that design is not on the 50. Even though, I am thinking about adding it, because it's a pretty design. I think it's the June 2006 issue of Stoney Creek. I like the cover design. I even have fabric for it, a pretty piece of PTP fabric I found at CATS last year in a lemon color. It even have sparkles on it. I thought that would look sorta like sunshine.

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