21 June 2007

More magazine reviews

I think I may start doing this more often, because I am becoming quite the magazine expert, since I get ALL of them.

Today, at lunch, I got UK Cross Stitcher and Cross Stitch Crazy. Cross Stitcher is becoming my favorite magazine. They always have interesting designs. And usually good freebies. I have to say, I am not pleased with the freebie this month. It's a CD-rom of card designs. Need I say more? I don't stitch cards. No one in my circle wants a cross stitched card. I wouldn't even know where to get the stuff to make a card. It's not a criticism of people who like to stitch cards, it's just not something we do. This said, I have some card kits in my stash, BUT NOT TO STITCH AS CARDS. I was planning on just framing them. Anyway, rant over.

It looks like a good issue. There is a summer sampler. And a really cute Margaret Sherry mice design in a walnut boat. Using that marbled blue fabric. Which creates an issue for me. I have that honking big piece of fabric I bought at AC Moore last week. I want to start Beach Combin' again, and trying to decide if it would be better on that or on the marbled tan, or if I should just dye my own for it. But I also have a design from a couple months back of Cross Stitcher that would look good on it, but would also look good on a buttery blue dyed by me. So my issue is, do I use this aida for the mice (which are also stitched in DMC, unlike the Santa Claus afghan) and the beach combers, use it for that other design, or not use it, keep in my stash for a rainy day when I am truly broke and unable to afford new fabric? Damn decisions. But on a bright side, there was a really cute beach kit they showed in there, that was not overly tropical, had one small lighthouse, and was different from what I have. And it was about $50. which means the cats will have to buy it for me for my birthday. But they are good cats and generous, too. There is also a Flower Fairy, which I will NOT be stitching. There does seem to be more in the way of letters, which is great because that is my favorite section of the magazine. And they didn't get rid of Tales from Norman, which, although I don't get everything he says, I find interesting, and he was the one who came up with the concept of the Special Spot for Stitching.

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