21 June 2007

Today . . .

I've had some bad family news today, so not sure how appropriate it is to blog today. But as this is mainly supposed to be cross stitch related, it's probably good for me to write in here.

First thing, I got the car back from the shop. I feel so stupid. My light was on because I didn't turn the gas cap far enough when I filled up on Sunday. I knew good and well I didn't turn it til it clicked, but I didn't believe the people who wrote the note on the gas tank, "Failure to turn the gas cap will result in the check engine light coming on." Lesson learned: the people who write those notes aren't lying. Anyway, that screw-up cost $80-some dollars, plus the $7 for some chemicals they poured in there (and probably tightened the gas cap) and the $24.95 for an oil change. But I needed the oil change, and I needed to learn not to play with the car. And I think they fiddled with the brakes, cause they aren't squealing, but they didn't charge me for it. So lesson learned.

I am actually making better progress on the bottom of my Forest Snowfall. I am about the whole way across the bottom. Just have to do one more set of leaves and some snowflakes. So I might get this done soon. Just the lettering, side vine-y thing, and top leaves to go and it's finished. I realize it would be better to post photos, I just don't have the camera this week. Imagination is our friend, LOL.

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