02 June 2007

Very Hot for a Saturday

First some cross stitch gossip, thanks to my friend Brea! Brea reads this blog, so shouting out to Bee. Someone on 123 posted that Hobby Lobby was discontinuing their cross stitch fabric. It was $2.15 a yard, so I asked B to go see if hers had the pretty rustico evenweave we saw there, but the one in Cool Spring, Tennessee, not only didn't have it on sale, but she said the lady told her that they were going to have more needlework. Which is AWESOME! We were disappointed with their selection. I guess no one told them I was coming 750 miles and needed to have a great Hobby Lobby experience? Anyway . . .

I have decided that we will most likely not being going to a Hobby Lobby while I am down in Virginia Beach. All the locations were about a 4 hour drive. And the Neon is not that comfortable. I read somewhere they were the same seats as Viper seats. Interesting. I guess when you buy a $60000 car, you aren't taking it on long trips. But lemme tell you, those are some crazy hard seats. When I drove to Nashville and drove back, it took me a week to recover and I blame it on those seats. Anyway, I've veered off course from my cross stitch talk, LOL.

It was hot as heck today. It was muggy at 7:30 this morning. We went to a church yard sale, because last year I found some stitchy stuff, but this year I was not so lucky. I went up to the Dutch Market for candy (their caramel truffles are the bomb), and then went to Michaels to kit up some stuff on the 50 list. They actually had a really nice selection of kits there, I was really impressed. None of the new pretty mottled DMC fabric, but it was a nice selection. I actually thought about buying some pillowcases to embroider, but realized that I have enough stuff to work on. I know this because I spent an hour this morning looking for one of my charts to kit up. It was the Calico Critters chart, which has some wacky 70s animals. I had stuck it in the cat binder (I am blaming the fact that I set up this filing system last summer, which I seriously whish had never happened). But I have the cat and the dog kitted up. They would be really cute pillows!

I am almost finished with Kitty Dreams, I just have to finish outlining, and do the ball of yarn and the bee. And then I am done. Woo hoo. I haven't had a finish in three weeks, and it's bumming me out.

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