20 June 2007

The neverending stitch

OK, I like Forest Snowfall. It's a pretty pattern. But, yet again, I need to state, I hate these hand-dyed threads. It is taking forever to stitch this thing. I finally finished the house last night. I am pretty happy with the way it looks, though. I did the roof running north to south and the building running west to east. So it looks rather log-cabiny. The side vines are kicking my butt, though--they are 82 stitches long, and I seriously am beginning to doubt my ability to count. And it doesn't help that I have a small hoop that the whole design doesn't fit in. Monday night, I was so frustrated.

I realized I won't be able to get this done in time to get it ready for the fair. Which is a slight bummer, but in the end, that's OK. There is always next year. Or else I can make it into a cube while I am on vacation. Since I've discovered the great fabric resource that is the quilt store. They will probably have something woodsy and wintry. I don't know yet. I did want this framed, but I wanted to have everything at the framer this weekend, and it won't be ready for that.

I am probably just thinking this way because the transmission light came on in the car today. It is really upsetting because I haven't even made half the payments yet. I hate when anything is wrong with that car. Mainly because I hate paying for broken things. But I am hopeful, it's just something minor, or that the powertrain warranty will cover it.

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