13 June 2007

A new start, a kit-up, and some organization

I tried very hard last night to be thrifty. I was looking through my stash and kitted up Simple Gifts by TIAG. I was a little shocked that floss now costs 33 cents a skein at Michael's, so am trying to be a little more responsible, because, really when you think about it, that is not cheap. Not when it was 10/$1 when AC Moore opened up in 2002 here. So I have most of the floss, just not a couple of those wierd colors I never use. And, while I was at it, I started trying to organize the floss I had just thrown in random boxes into the correct bobbin boxes. It would make it so much to kit things out of my stash and actually save money.

I am having a very hard time finding that Hog River Frame I NEED. How in the hell did they go out of business already? Designers are still using them. I guess the solution is to try to work things out with a private artist, but that makes me mad. I wanted this frame. The frame made the design. I will figure things out.

I also started something for Mom last night. She had picked out Heart In Hand Flowers, and, because we were trying to economize, I chose DMC Variations to stitch it with. They were cheaper than the other hand-dyeds. I am OK with the colors. As long as she likes it, it's OK. It won't take long to stitch, and she's always saying she picks things out and they never get stitched. So this should give me a little time. And we already have the frame. It was a limited edition frame. Mom was so concerned that someone who bought the design that was supposed to go in it would be upset cause they didn't have the frame. I had to explain that probably half the people who bought the design wouldn't ever stitch it and the ones who did buy it, they would finish it some other way than in a $20 4X4 frame, LOL. I will have to post a picture tonight.

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Anna van Schurman said...

Run out to AC Moore before this Saturday for those "weird" colors--DMC is on sale 5/$1. Not great but a little better than .33...

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