28 June 2007

The Deer has an Ear and a Nose

I am almost done with his little ear, and it's recognizable as an ear. And he has a nose. I just measured and I have 30 more stitches to put in to be at the bottom of the design.

I see why I put this down last year, well other than the fact that it held a lot of bad memories. It is very intricate shading. I came home last night after my nail appointment, which ran over because I had nail art done (I really need to post photos of their interpretations of fireworks and the American flag, LOL), and I had to wait for it to dry. Cause nothing looks cheesier than smudged nail art. And there were a lot of color changes in the little bit that I did. Felix was up at 6:15 this morning, having to go potty, so I was up stitching at that hour (let me tell you, even with cable, there is nothing on interesting at 6:30.)He has a nose now, and I got a little bit done, but it's going to be a while.

And, despite my vow not to do it, I had to rob Hummingbird Trellis of 3031. I need it for the tree trunk in this one, and I am not going to go digging in my car for the 33 cents I need for a skein. Nor will I charge 33 cents on a credit card, nor go in and buy something else just to make it worth my time. I will put it back in a couple days, I swear.

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