17 June 2007

I give up, I just give up.

I will never find the Meow fabric. I am starting to wonder if I imagined it. I went to the Walmart in Gettysburg today after we took Dad to dinner, and they didn't have it. I found all kind of frog fabric, which you bet your sweet patoot I bought, because it was $2 a yard, but no meow. Mom is supposed to check the Walmart in Leesburg this week, but I have given up. One thing, we got plenty of healthy crafts departments on our Walmarts around here. And I did get a t-shirt that said, "Kitty's Not Happy" with Felix the cat on it. Woo hoo!

On to other things.

I was reading the latest issue of WOXS. My friend Kathy sent it to me. I just have to point this out. I am realistic about the "cool factor" of cross stitch. It's not hip. I love stitching, but it's not trendy. And that's OK. I don't need to be "trendy" (after all, I now own 2 Felix the Cat t-shirts!). Anyway, this issue has designs for gifts for teenagers, and the teaser is, "Only the hippest gifts will do for trendy teens". OK, lets get one thing clear because I am not so far out of my teens that I forget what I would have carried at 14. There is a felt bag with the design, surrounded by rickrack (rickrack, people!) and a CD case with a design that says "Born to be cool." What teenage boy will use a CD wallet with a design that says. Born to be Cool? If I could post a pic I would. Anyway, so I won't be stitching that.

Now on a better note, their Stitch Stories was about the button company, Incomparable Buttons, I have heard about them before, and they have really cute buttons. But I didn't know that the company works with women in South Africa, using fair trade practices. I have been wanting to buy some of their buttons, but it's extra good to know the money goes to help poor women make something of themselves.

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