08 June 2007

And I caved . . .

I was not going to buy stash, but I needed to buy a 123 GC and I had had some stuff in the cart, and it just seemed stupid to delete the other stuff when I wanted it. But I got some stuff I liked, including a chart called, A Nuisance of Cats. I think this is so appropriate because if there is one thing I have, it is a nuisance of cats. Especially because last night, Grampy got the water bottle because he kept trying to haul his not-unsubstantial bulk onto the coffee table to climb up on the stereo (I will be so glad when that bleeping stereo is out of my livingroom, it blocks the chimney, and they use it as a stepstool up to the mantle, and I hate when they get on the mantle). The funniest thing is, he kept turning around and licking the wet places like, "how in the name of all that is holy did I get wet?" He is pretty spoiled, like the fact that he had cancer means he can do what he wants. Anyway, he figured out he didn't like being wet and backed off.

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